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ADHD - how attention deficit hyperactivity disorder manifests itself

Healthy, active, and dreamy or hyperactive and restless? Whether a behavioural disorder is ADHD should always be clarified by a doctor.

Treatment of widespread diseases: Diabetes, back pain and the like

Diabetes, back pain, depression – widespread diseases of our time. You can find information about symptoms, causes, and treatment with medication here.

Depressed? Restless? Symptoms and what can help

Depressed? Here you can find out which symptoms help you recognise depression and when antidepressants can be a good option.

Cardiovascular diseases: How they are treated

What should I do if I have heart disease? You can find the causes of cardiovascular diseases and treatment options with medication here.

Osteoporosis: This is how this bone disease can be treated

Osteoporosis is the number 1 bone disease. It affects women in particular. You can find factors that reduce bone mass and information on treatment options with medication here.

Allergy, asthma, bronchitis: What can help with respiratory diseases

Respiratory diseases such as colds, allergies, allergic cough, asthma or cold-related bronchitis can have many causes. Read more about causes, symptoms and treatment options here.

Diabetes mellitus: The role of insulin in the body

Do you have diabetes? You can find out about symptoms that help you recognise diabetes and when insulin can help here.

Urinary tract infection? Bladder infection? What it's all about

Problems and pain with urination? Maybe you have a urinary tract or bladder infection. Find out more here.

Gynaecology: All about women’s health

Learn interesting facts about gynecological diseases, which contraceptives are available and about the signs of endometriosis. Gain insights on how to recognize vaginal mycosis and how the morning-after pill can prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Cancer: Common forms and how they are treated

The diagnosis of cancer does not have to be a death sentence any more. Thanks to effective medicines, it is possible to live with cancer or even be cured today.

Hair loss, erectile dysfunction: Treatment of common diseases in men

Many men suffer from hair loss or erectile dysfunction (abbreviated ED/potency disorder). You can find information about possible causes and how treatment can look like here.

Nausea, diarrhoea and the like: This is how gastrointestinal diseases are treated

Gastrointestinal tract disease? Nausea, diarrhoea, heartburn and the like are common symp-toms. Find out more about how to treat them and which drugs help here.

Children's diseases: Common diseases in children and how to treat them

Since the children’s immune system is not yet fully developed, babies and infants are particularly susceptible to disease.

Pain and what can help

Back pain is one of the most common pain conditions of our time. You can find information about causes and treatment options here.

Thyroid diseases and what can help

Underactive and overactive thyroid diseases are very common. You can find out here how they differ, how they are recognised, and how they are treated.

Preventative screening: the most important check-ups at a glance

Regular check-ups help detect disease early. You are entitled to these check-ups from the time you are a baby until you are a senior.